Dewey Property Advisors is Growing!

Austin Tyler’s connection with our company precedes his real estate career, as he and DPA owner Eddie Dewey have a shared work history in outdoor education leadership. Years later, Austin and Eddie began their real estate careers at Biltmore Farms, where the focus on community involvement and stewardship informed both of their future philosophies and projects.

Bringing Austin into the DPA fold is a natural step; his approach is methodical, engaged, immersive – and it’s built on years of living and working in Asheville real estate.

From his role as lead leasing agent at Biltmore Park Town Square to Director of Real Estate Management at Mission Health System, Austin has refined his methodical and informed approach – first listening to understand the full scope of the need, and then translating those needs into decisive action that both improves the bottom line, and serves the people working on it.

Thanks to his established background in corporate and healthcare real estate, property management, leasing, development, and capital markets Austin is equipped with the necessary experience and decisive knowledge to consolidate, enhance, and grow real estate portfolios.

Because he believes every healthy community must actively care for its most vulnerable members, Austin is an engaged partner in Haywood Street Congregation’s affordable housing initiative. This visionary collaboration seeks to create a viable solution to Asheville’s housing divide.

Austin’s arrival to DPA signals a deepening and an expansion of our mission; his unmatched experience in local and regional healthcare real estate opens the door for pioneering DPA projects in the healthcare and wellness sector.